Let The Love In

Women on Top: How Real Life Has Changed Women'...

Denial isn’t just a river in Egypt. Be honest with what you want. Stop worrying about money; it’s killing your libido. Focusing on what you don’t have will make you miss out on the joy life can offer right now. You have already established a firm foundation.  Accept the losses and move on. Sometimes bad things happen – you can learn from your mistakes.  Material loss usually makes time for spiritual growth.  There’s nothing like poverty to turn your mind inward.

This is just a setback that you will recover from; you will thank the universe later for taking you along another path.  You will complete your plans, as you exchange the world you know for your dreams of success.  Step outside your comfort zone and watch it happen.  You will soon get answers to the questions you have about your love and life. Concentrate on developing your confidence; this will automatically make you more sexually desirable.

When it comes to sex – quality is much preferred over quantity.  You can’t blame others for not satisfying you. The perfect relationship is a mixture of light and dark elements of two individual psyches. Mutual trust gives both individuals the strength required to overcome any obstacles life may present.  You may be at a crossroads and need to make a choice.

Ask for guidance and choose wisely. There is no safety in staying quiet to maintain the peace.  If you don’t make a choice; the universe will make one for you.  You will be dragged into your new life kicking and screaming if this is what you choose.  Lovers create a bond of intimacy through sharing physical pleasures. Speak your mind and live in the moment. It will turn on the spirit of romance as you enter new caverns of sexual pleasure.


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